Sunday, March 18, 2018

The rain has stopped, I know you are on the way

Dear my dream job and future romantic partner:

I'm here waiting for you patiently, happily, healthily and beautifully.

Because I realize that the pouring rain in my life for the past 10 years has stopped, and you're on the way running toward me.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Girls can do anything

My mom has been to ESL class for 2 months so far. Although her English skill is still limited, she's trying to go to Church with me every Sunday listening to the Pastor's lecture while making friends with people.

One day, she came back from the Mall and bought a T-shirt for me. She was so excited to tell me that she could totally understand this meaning without translation!!

Me:  Mom, I don't wear green
Mom: Then try it this time
Me: Is it a junior Size Small, did you go to girls clothing?
Mom: I'm afraid so and this is the motivation for you to lose weight.
Me: Here's your purpose.
Mom: Take some rest from you project and let's take some photos.

(she's a good photographer, isn't she?)

Friday, March 16, 2018

This time, I won't miss my own graduation

Is it funny that I missed 2 of my own graduations before?

The first time, I was in Beijing working while my Bachelor's Graduation Ceremony was on in Dalian. I didn't have a chance to wear Bachelor Gown taking as many as photos I would like the majority of students did. You asked me why? Probably I was too dedicated to my job at IBM back then.😋

The second time, I was too sick to show up in my second graduation.

My mom always feels regret that I equipped myself with so much knowledge without even a graduation photo.

So today, I went to the bookstore checking the cap and gown for my third graduation.

When I got there, I checked the color of my department (of course the pink color - college of music - is my favorite color). A girl was there checking the gowns too. When I saw her took the color of my department, I asked her to make sure if this is the color for my department. And she said yes, I suddenly took a deep breath. Then she burst into laugh~~~~ (laugh, couldn't even stand straight) Then I started to laugh too saying "finally". She said "oh yeah"

When she was checking out saying goodbye to me, I smiled "Maybe I'll see you then". She said "Definitely see you then".

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

"Facts Tell, Stories Sell' is what I learned from the topic "How to sell yourself" from the Sales Team.

Then I did a mock interview with the speaker. The advice he gave me was to make my story shorter in case to catch the recruiters' attention.

Then a student asked the speaker why HR people always ask "Tell me about yourself"
at the beginning of each interview.

The answer is that usually, the HR recruiters feel nervous when they're interviewing people, the purpose of this question is trying to make themselves calm down.

I know some of my classmates read my blogs and hope above is a valuable information for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I got a Last Call for Auditioning for Musical Theatre

In February, I got an acting audition for a British show for fun. I had a really hard time to pronounce the names of ancient British towns so I tried to sing this song to make it up

After the audition, the girl said to me, "You have a really beautiful voice, but this time the audition is not for musical. Next time, if we have, I will contact you."

Today I received her email to go for an auditioning for a Musical Theatre this Saturday.

Below is the requirement:

Participants are asked to prepare two contrasting (Classic and Contemporary Musicals) 16-32 bar songs they might use in an audition for a Summer Stock Season or General call.

I'm not a professional singer, based on this requirement, I chose 2 songs I fell in love with, singing in my car while I am driving alone 👌

Q: Whoever will go for an acting or musical audition for fun?
A: Me, Shuting Cui (one and only limited edition on the earth)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy International Women’s Day

One of my colleagues in China called me to wish me a happy international women’s day today. And we shared our happy moments 10 years ago when we were 20 years old.

How time flies!!! I still remember back then, everyday, after a boring, coding day, we would rush to the dancing class together, learning Hip-hop and Jazz.
(yep, I was pretty good at dancing street Jazz at that time)

She’s a fashion photographer now. When she checked my recent photos, she gave me some advice.

My friend:  If you plan to look good in your next photo shoot, my suggestion for you is to lose at least 30 pounds 

Me: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Do I look that bad in photos???????????

My friend: You’re the one who told me that you want to be a super good software developer while looking like a Victoria secret model. I mean you’re only 5’5, not that tall enough, so what else can you make it up? Stop eating your snacks and go to work out!!!

I feel that all my good friends are like this style. Being funny in a sharp way, or just like me. We’re not mean but trying to be realistic in some way. We need to get out of our comfort zone, working 10 times harder than average, trying to be as perfect as we can.

Well, I’m wearing this dancer’s exact earrings now, her exact white dress is hanging in my closet. Time to practice this cute dance to lose weight :(

Ready to work

Cute outfit, isn't it?