Thursday, August 17, 2017

Serious tasks for Shuting (3)

While I was concentrating on the second Data Studio Report, the co-founder Matt asked me "do you feel sad, happy, or both when this internship will be over tomorrow, what's the next plan for you Shuting?"  I was like "hold on, how many questions??" Matt said, basically, just one question.

"Hold on one second, I'll check my schedule", I replied.
Tomorrow will be my last day for this internship.
On weekends, I'll help my friend run her restaurant.
Monday:      auto oil change and regular check + Bible study
Tuesday:      meeting with one of the interns, Brandon
Wednesday: Detroit Women Digital Marketing Workshop
Thursday:    office hour with Google Ann Arbor
Friday:         Miguel and I will run the first Google Adwords Meetup
Weekends:   keep helping my friend run her restaurant

Next next week:
run all school errands before the new semester starts while reading new semester's textbooks since they've been here from Amazon

And then, new semester starts.

Then, I believe I got the second report done, not as complicated as I thought, just take some time.

Ben really liked it and I shared the 2 reports with him.  Tomorrow, the 3rd report and internship will be done. I just realize I am the last one to finish this internship, what happened??? How come???

Serious tasks for Shuting (2)

I just got the first Data Studio Report done

2 more to go๐Ÿ‘

Serious tasks for Shuting (1)

Last week, I said to Ben, the last two days of this internship, I would like to try something serious at work. Ben agreed and said I would get good prepared.

Today, when I arrived at the office, Ben printed out this piece of paper and said Shuting, please create 3 data studio reports with totally blank new reports๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Suddenly it just reminded me of that famous "With great power comes great responsibility" from "Spider Man"๐Ÿ’ช

Google Data Studio Report: Website Content & Performance, July 2017
- Top 10 non-blog pages with bounce rate over 50%
- Metrics: Bounce Rate, Sessions, Pageviews, and Avg Session Duration
               - Display as a table
- Top 10 Landing Pages
               - Metrics: Entrances, Bounce Rate, Pages/Session
               - Display as a table
- Top 10 pages with longest load times
               - Metrics = Avg Page Load Time, Bounce rate, Pages/Session, and Avg Session Duration
               - Display as a table

Google Data Studio Report: Website Users, July 2017
- New vs. Returning Visitors
               - Metrics: User Type, Sessions, Bounce rate, Pages/Session, and Avg Session Duration
               - Display as Bar Graph (or as a table if too many metrics)
- Visits by Device (Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet)
               - Metrics: Sessions, Bounce Rate, Avg Session Duration
               - Display as a table
- Visits by Screen Resolution
               - Metrics: Sessions, Bounce Rate, Pages/Session, and Avg Session Duration
- Visits by Browser
               - Display as a Pie Chart
- Visits by Source
               - Display as a Bar Graph
- Top 10 Visits by City
               - Display as a table

Keyword Discovery:
- Top 20 keyword suggestions for the following terms
               - Supply Chain
               - Procurement
               - Production Control
               - Logistics
- Include Volume, Competition, and KEI

I will definitely finish the tasks for the rest of the hours during this internship. But I need your help Ben and he's at the meeting right now๐Ÿ˜

Friday, August 11, 2017

Web Graphic Design to a Data Nerd???

I told Ben that I registered my company's domain name in May for the future purpose and I plan to create my own website after the summer internship.

Ben has his own design website and he shared his opinion about the basic principle.
He said he would recommend using the golden rule to create my own website, just because of the rule of universe-to make your eyes most comfortable when you're trying to create the design.

He showed me several posters about the auto industry and shared a link

with me explaining the grids to me.

He recommended the design of my website looks like this:

A good day to learn something brand new~!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Seventh Day-WordPress Anti-spam for Form submission

Although summer internship requires 16 blogs in total, I feel like sharing a lot what happened to me every day and what I've been learned so far. So I decide to keep blogging until the last day.

Today, I had a chance to meet the head of the engineering department, Ken, since he only needs to show up in the office once a month. He asked me how I feel so far with this new environment. I said I have learned much more than what I've learned in the past 2 years and I indeed love the working environment with all the co-workers. Everyone is so dedicated to working.

Usually, the first thing I come to the office is to make black coffee, Ken asked Ben, since when there's coffee offered in the office. Ben said from the moment Shuting started to work here. I said, go ahead Ken, have some coffee to start a brand new day.

Ben asked me what I would like to do today. I replied the 1st task on your working schedule. And he said that's a great question and double check what to do next. But I feel that he noticed that I am very tired after moving to a new house by myself  ๐Ÿ˜“ this Monday so he only asked me to do some research work.

I pretty much just searched articles for WordPress Anti-Spam for form submission.

There're three parts for this task:

(1) Methods of Implementations
(2) Links to the articles
(3) Benefits

Tomorrow is another day, everybody!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sixteenth Day-Low Bounce Rate Problem Finally Solved!!!!

Low Bounce Rate problem has been a topic since the moment I started my summer internship. I remembered that when I came up with this topic at the weekly meeting, Bud shared his opinion with all the interns.

Last week, Ben and I tried to solve this problem since he's been working on it for a month. I searched the potential reasons for Ben and we believe "tracking code twice in Google Tag Manager" is the one.

Ben told me today that he solved the problem and we greeted with a high five. And the bounce rate is much higher than before.

(note: for 7 days)

Ben said he wished the low bounce rate is the truth. I said but I preferred the real data. At the beginning, it's not that easy for us to accept the real statistics, for example, when I weigh myself every morning, sometimes I could barely accept the number I see from the electric weight scale, and the good thing is that I realize I need to stop eating that much and go back to the gym. Usually, people choose to ignore the statistics they receive, but as a data nerd, I prefer to use statistics to non- stop improving myself and keep myself more self-disciplined.