Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Best friend's restaurant on the newspaper

  • Yee Siang Dumplings Changed Me
  • Ann Arbor observer

Deloitte - Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain

My best friend Ivy, who is the molecular medical technologist, is so so so interested in machine learning and AI. I become more and more motivated when she keeps sharing the news of AI and machine learning with me now and then.

Today, Colin Loomis, CISA, Manager - Deloitte Advisory, who is also one of the Alumni of Eastern Michigan University came to give CIS students lecture related to Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain, which is pretty new to me.

  • Robotic Process Automation software provides advanced macro-like capabilities that can be deployed at an enterprise or business unit level.
  • Robotic Process Automation can easily be deployed and managed from a central controller to interact with a wide range of business applications.
  •  The blockchain is a digital leader system for recording business transactions and events.       
When Colin showed us how robot run the excel sheet, I was like "wow!!!!!!!!" The robot can run the data entry crazily and so efficiently. This is definitely a lifesaver because I hate the basic data entry one by one when I studied Finance and Accounting. 

Ivy said the reason she really likes AI and machine learning is one day, if the technology becomes more and more mature, in the medical field, robots can do the surgery for the patients more precisely. You know the precision of robots is better than human beings, what if the doctors just get tired when they're doing the surgery. 

Ivy's mother, who is 60 years old, could barely accept robots, she couldn't imagine what will happen if robots can do many things like human beings do. Probably many people will lose their jobs, for example, a robot can run the excel crazily. All I can do is trying to comfort Ivy's mother. "Don't worry, aunt, AI may be or may not be popular in the future. Suppose AI become popular one day, but there's always something waiting for human beings to do. We evolve every day too. Right? Ivy, remember we talked about the theory of evolution by Darwin? " (See, we professional ladies always talk about something serious instead of gossiping behind others๐Ÿ˜Ž)

My system has been updated

I ran into an old classmate who I shared 2 classes with from January to April today. She said to me "Shuting, you look so different right now from the last time I met you. You look so confident, energetic and pretty. Last semester, you even wore your pajamas to the class. It seems your body system has been updated automatically since the past four months!!!"

I laughed "Good job girl, I like your metaphor, so computer science style, windows 10 and iPhone 8 just came out, I need to update myself in order to catch up with all the new stuff!!" 

Whenever I introduce myself to the new classmates, even when I majored in MBA, I always prefer to say "I consider myself as a laptop, there are many documents saved in different files, sometimes I delete outdated files, for example, the file's name is 'ex-boyfriend', sometimes I add new files, for example, 'sources of new career path'. In this way, my system keeps updating."

Have you ever thought about the people around you?? Are they still the same since the past three years??

Sunday, September 24, 2017

My painting - dandelion wishes

I went to paint and pour to paint "Dandelion Wishes" today. I had a lot of fun painting dandelion with the other 2 girls.

I remember when I applied to the universities, I need to write a personal statement to show my interests in this university and this major. And the personal statement I wrote was all about my little dream of dandelions. 7 years ago, the staff at Administration Office was really interested in seeing me in person, she said your personal statement had nothing related to your major and it was more like a fairy tale about dandelion's dream from a little girl's perspective. She was just curious to see an international student majoring in Computer Science, who can also write in a way that students majoring in English Literature prefer to do.

So, this is painting and I added some glitter to it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

EMU The 2017 Alumni Business Conference

The session I went to is called "Developing Resiliency and other Valuable Characteristics" by Richard Tworek, CEO, Twoerk, LLC - How to introduce innovation and deliver in large and small organizations, handling detractors, what to do at "no" and survive.

Richard shared many his previous experiences with the audience and most of his experiences deserve me thinking deeper and further, especially for my own career path.

  • The hardest moment for an entrepreneur is to accept that the door of his or her business is closed.
  • Considering about pricing, it's more like an art than science.
  •  There will always be competitors in your business, how to compete? Compete with the Price or Value? (It reminds me of Hamlet: To be or not to be, it's a question?๐Ÿ˜Ž)
  • When you start the entrepreneur journey with 3-month credit cards debt, it's time for you to make a decision: whether to sell or find a job? 
  • You can be so passionate about your products introducing them to your customers, but do you really ask the customers at the beginning: what do you need? If you cannot meet the customers' needs, how can you make it happen?
In the end, Richard also gave me a valuable piece of advice for my future career path, which has been in my mind since January 2017.

As time goes by, as I try something new, learn something new, make new friends,  I stopped hesitating about my life path. If  I was all alone in the cross with various directions to the different futures, now I accept valuable suggestions to guide me to the right one and it's time for me to start a brand new journey, be brave and fearless.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

La La Land-Audition (Fools Who Dream)-part 1

I watched "La La Land" by myself in January 2017 in Michigan Theater at the back seat while eating a large size of popcorn full of butter.

I started to cry when the main actor played that piano, non stop crying until the end of the movie. I learned piano when I was a kid, so I could totally understand his sorrows. I was not that touched by their love story, but I was so so touched how they are trying to fulfill their dreams.

2016 was a really bad year for me and now I finally have the encouragement to share this. I lost everything that a human being cares: school, career, love relationship (he officially kicked me out of his apartment on Christmas Eve), friendship (two of my best friends went back to China). The reason I had to quit my job was that I felt there would be something wrong with my health and I indeed ended up going back and forth to the hospital for 3 months, trying to heal and recover.

I still remembered I couldn't stop trembling for half an hour with high fever 39.8°C driving to the emergency room by myself while talking to the nurses and doctors that I couldn't know what was going on with me. If my best friends were there with me at that time, they could at least drove me to the hospital. And luckily, I could fully understand every single latin word when the doctor was trying to explain to me what was going on with me. The doctor immediately gave me an injection with antibiotics and Tylenol. It ended up with 4 big bottles of antibiotics and nonstop giving me Tylenol for 3 days in order that the nurse could make sure I could drive home by myself.

The illness didn't make me cry, I knew I would heal, just took times. What made me really upset at that moment was that I realized all the patients in the emergency room had someone with them and I had to be there all alone. When the nurses asked me the emergency contact, I didn't even have one. My parents couldn't fly to the hospital, my best friends went back to China and my ex-boyfriend was the last person I wanna contact. During the 3-month healing and resting time, my parents had to be strong enough to support me through the phone but my mother cried sometimes saying: my poor daughter, struggling against all the physical and mental pains by herself.

After healing for a little bit, I moved to a new apartment on New Year's Eve and my father texted me: Happy New Year and everything is going to be alright. My best friend in China texted me: next time, if this happened again, please call 911 because she was worried about my driving skills when I was in a high fever, considering about other drivers' security. (See, all of my true friends prefer to talk to me ironically).

In January, I went to the theater to watch "La La Land" while thinking a lot, too much to say, will express more in the next blog.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Conversations between me and my best friend

I help my best friend run her family's restaurant on weekends. Although it means I need to work 7 days a week, which is the same to her, I still feel really grateful that I could have some time to hang out with her sharing what happened to both of us every week.

My best friend's name is Ivy, she's a full-time molecular medical technologist, but she has to run her family's restaurant every day after work. That means she has to work 400 days per year, 8 days per week and 28 hours per day. I just met her in January in 2017 and now my schedule is becoming more and more like her.  Thank you, Lord, she saved me since the moment I met her in every way.

I told her that I'm trying to change a lot of stereotypes on me. She always acts so coolly no matter what I say to her because she considers me as a very silly and dumb girl. She told me if one day I told her that I planned to settle down on the Moon or other planets, she wouldn't feel surprised at all. She will buy some rabbits before I immigrate to the Moon, just pretending I'm the Moon Goddess from Ancient Chinese legend.

I told her that I need to drive very carefully following all the traffic rules with professional driving skills in case I could change the stereotypes that American people don't consider Asian women could drive.

My ex-boyfriend trained me how to drive professionally. He put a hot cup of coffee with the lid open in my car, with the instruction that no matter what the speed limit was, no matter how many turns, no matter if it were flat roads or hills, when he was sitting in my car, he felt comfortable when I stopped at the signs, and that cup of coffee was fine, I could pass the driving test easily. I passed it but I have to confess that my parallel parking sucks ๐Ÿ˜“

I asked Ivy if she liked my driving skills, she replied, you were driving like a fly and she just wanna use a fly-swatter on me. What?????????????????????????????? (She's indeed my best friend)

I told her that I told my coworkers or classmates that not all the Chinese restaurants offer "egg-drop soup, hot sour soup, dim sum" with this stereotype and I suggested them not to order "spring rolls, egg rolls or scallion pancake every time when you go to Chinese restaurants". There are tons of delicious food in Chinese culture, why do you always order the "junk food"?? Ivy rolled her eyes at me asking if I really had that energy to change tiny details in life while working 8 days per week and 28 hours per day. I said if I don't do that, nobody would do that. Ivy said "that's why you're always so silly, dumb and stubborn. And I love you working for my restaurant because you're the person I can trust."

I asked Ivy why I could only get attention from waiters. Ivy kept rolling her eyes at me "probably that's the only relaxing moment you could look at a guy talking to them if you're not at school or work". Ivy also suggested me to wear my glasses or eye contact every day. I said, "I don't want to, none of them are comfortable". She said, "you know, Shuting, whenever we hang out to somewhere, guys from all over the world check you out but you don't know because you don't wear your glasses, and I beg you to look around wherever you go instead of just two points - from your starting point to your destination, and in between you just walk straight without looking around, if guys look at you, they at least expect you could look at them back showing some attention. I know you're short eye-sighted but the strangers don't know that, they just assume that you're not interested."  After thinking for a while, I still don't wanna wear glasses or eye contacts except driving. Ivy shakes her head "the most stubborn girl I've ever met. How could you survive before I met you in the past 30 years??" I answered, "probably I'm too dumb, so the God sent different angels around me to save me and you're one of them".